[Mix With The Masters] Deconstruction A Mix #45 – M83 “Midnigh t City”

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MWTM brings you the series premiere featuring esteemed producer and mixer Tony Hoffer! On this release, he dives into the original Pro Tools session for M83’s “Midnight City” mix, the platinum single from their 2011 album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. Hoffer talks about the backstory of the project and explains how the album was mixed in a hybrid manner. After playing a rough mix, he completely remixes the song “In the Box”. Tony talks about the plug-ins and settings he originally used, and then talks about what he thinks should be left alone and what can be improved based on his current workflow and available tools. You’ll learn about his logic approach to EQ, the subtle handling of the master bus, the practical way he handles groups, and much more! Besides,

1. Project background, mixing the album, equipment used, production, arrangement, digital workflow transition
2. Session overview, rough mix, commentary, master buss approach, headroom, gain staging, drums, sub frequencies
3. Parallel processing, reverb, delay , synths, vocals, modulation, sidechain compression, brightness, distortion
4. Vocal filtering, EQ, dynamics, effects, presence, using noise, tweaking balance, mix compression
5. Delay throws, ‘Bomb’ tracks, bells, claps, electric guitar , phaser, saxophone, spring reverb
6. Drum group, drone tracks, vocal blends, ad libs, tape emulation, de-essing, master automation, mix comparison
7. Original vs. new processing, broad stroke philosophy, limiting, production & mix phases, song elements
There are subtitles in Russian, English and Spanish.

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