Mercuriall Audio AMPBOX v1.3.3


Free Download Mercuriall Audio AMPBOX for Windows. Mercuriall Ampbox is a powerful, versatile amp modeling plugin perfect for guitarists and musicians looking for realistic and diverse tones. It offers a wide range of features and emulations, making it suitable for beginners and experienced users. The free version provides a solid foundation to explore amp modeling, while the paid plugins unlock additional amps and effects for further tonal possibilities.

Overview of AMPBOX

Mercuriall Ampbox is a VST/AAX and standalone next-generation amplifier modeling plugin for PC/Mac. It is an ever-evolving platform for all* of our products, current and future. You’ll get Ampbox for free when you purchase one of the supported plugins*. The platform has everything you need to create perfect tones with just one plugin. It’s simple, elegant and versatile. You are powered by Mercuriall Neural Hybrid Engine v2.0 technology.

Features of AMPBOX

  • Neural Hybrid Engine technology for accurate and responsive amp modeling
  • Includes the Mercuriall 6160 III, Dual Rectifier, Euphoria, U530, and Reaxis amp/preamp models
  • PowerLink technology for realistic interaction between the power amp and preamp
  • Freely movable module windows for a customizable interface
  • Independent preamp and power amp bypass switches
  • Stereo mode for independent processing of left and right channels
  • Parallel routing for delay and reverb effects
  • CPU multi-threading support for optimized performance
  • Standalone version for use without a DAW
  • Factory and user presets for quick tone recall and sharing
  • Additional amps and effects available through paid plugins
  • Emulations based on popular amplifiers like the EVH 5150III, Bogner Ecstasy, and Engl E530
  • Multiple channels and modes for versatile tonal options
  • Variety of preamp and power amp tube models
  • High-gain and classic amp tones are available
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and control

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • Developer: Mercuriall Audio.
  • Operating Systems: Windows 8+
  • Plugin Formats: STANDALONE, VST, VST3, AAX
  • Bit Capacity: 64bit
  • Download Mercuriall Audio – AMPBOX v1.3.3
  • Original Publisher: Mercuriall Audio
  • Category: Audio plugins, Plugin bundles
  • License type: Full
  • Download: Size 79.2 MB

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