Mastering The Mix Bundle v2.0m Mac [MORiA] [Intel/Apple]

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LIMITER is a great sounding, smart mastering plugin that analyzes your sound and suggests the best settings for your music. Avoid the hassle and create incredible sound masters in less time with limited options.

RESO Excessive resonances ruin mixes, making them sound harsh and unpleasant. This will help you determine which specific frequencies are causing problems. It will also help you determine how much reduction is needed to dynamically resolve the resonance without making your mix thin.
EXPOSE 2 is an audio quality monitoring application that helps you identify problems with your music. So many tracks are being circulated with poor EQ balance, true peak clipping, over-compression, phase issues and more. We want you to pay attention to these issues before it’s too late. With EXPOSE 2, you can provide the best listening experience and release your music with confidence.
REFERENCE contains powerful tools and information to help you get closer than ever to the sound of your favorite music.
The fight for the perfect budget option is over. BASS ROOM is a final mix and mastering EQ that helps beginners and pros alike master low frequencies in seconds.
It does this by delivering exceptional sound quality and offering genre-specific EQ settings that would make a great sound engineer in a world-class studio.
MIXROOM is an intelligent equalizer that helps you strike the perfect balance of saturation and clarity, whether you’re working on vocals, synths or mastering your own music.
Have you ever felt that your music could sound better? There are so many technical details to focus on when mixing and mastering that mistakes are common. LEVELS has presets for CD, Club, Streaming, Youtube and more to help you make sure your music sounds great wherever it’s heard.

Add. Information : The pack includes
LIMITER v1.0.2
ANIMATE v1.1.7
RESO v1.0.5
MIXROOM v1.0.9
EXPOSE v2.0.5
LEVELS v2.0.3


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