LinkedIn – Mixing and Sound Design: Multimode Filters

Do you need to understand the theory, practical applications, and creative applications of multimode filters? In this course, producer and instructor Evan Sutton shows you how to use multimode filters for several types of sound design and musical projects. Evan begins with an explanation of basic low-pass and high-pass filter theory. Then he explains mixing with high-pass filters and low-pass filters. He goes into mid/side filtering, band-pass filters, and hybrid filters. Then he concludes with ways you can use filters as FX.

1. Introduction
1. High pass, low pass, band pass, oh my! (00:30)
2. Exploring Basic Filter Types and Their Parameters
1. Basic low-pass and high-pass filter theory (05:56)
2. Mixing with high-pass filters (06:30)
3. Mixing with low-pass filters (05:24)
4. Mid/side filtering (00:07)
5. Bandpass and hybrid filters (05:58)
6. Filters as FX (05:03)
3. Conclusion
1. Next steps (00:36)
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