LinkedIn – Mixing and Sound Design: Modulation Effects

If you’re looking to add some texture and depth to your music and sound programming, modulation effects are a great way to alter and enhance recorded sounds. In this course, producer and instructor Evan Sutton covers the main categories of modulation FX. He details both delay- and filter-based modulation, the basics of low/high-pass frequency theory, how to add extra depth, dimension, and movement to synthesizer sounds, and creative ways to use flangers, phasers, and auto filters. He also shares some of his favorite tricks and treatments for mixing vocal tracks and how to use modulation effects in tandem with spatial processors. So if you’re a musician, producer, sound engineer, or anyone else who makes music or sound designs and want to take your mixing skills up a notch, this course is for you.

[1] Introduction
[1] Introducing Mod FX
[2] 1. Mod FX
[1] Vocal mix tricks with modulation
[2] Synthesizer modulation tool kit
[3] Liquid bass with phasers
[4] Using mod FX in compound return chains
[3] Conclusion
[1] Next steps
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