Lepou Plugins – Lepou plugins bundle (Poulin) VST x86

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A collection of free guitar amp emulation plugins, consisting of:
– HyBrit: Marshall JCM800 and Plexi Super Lead 100 emulation (there are two versions with different designs)
– Le456: Engl Powerball emulation (there are two versions with different skins)
– LeXTAC: Bogner Ecstasy XTC emulation
– Lecto: Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier emulation (2 and 3 channels)
– SoloC: Soldano SLO-100 emulation (there is a version for processors with support for SSE and without them)
– LeGion: does not emulate any specific amplifier
Add. Information : The official website of the developer http://lepouplugins.blogspot.com/ is dead, the link leads to a live site with a description of the plugins.


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