Kuassa – Efektor Bass Distortion Bundle v1.0.0

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This bundle offers a full spectrum of distorted bass tones to achieve tonal variation, add bite and solid aggression to bass tracks. Although these pedals are designed specifically for the bass guitar, they are versatile enough to be used on any low frequency instrument, from synths to percussion and even vocals. Like all new generation Kuassa products, the second generation Efektor series features more specific effect types, feature set and improved GUI.

Included in this package
Efektor – Cruncher: [Bass Tube Preamp FX Engine]
Crunchy Tube Driven Bass Booster – We’ve put our patented 3rd generation tube engine into a single effects unit designed to add a zesty tone to bass instruments. The Efektor Cruncher brings colors and flavors to enrich your bass and make it scream. Add brilliance to bite, brilliance to growl, and everything in between that works well for whatever genre you play.
Efektor – Driver: [Bass Preamp/DI FX Engine]
Extended Tone Shaping Range Bass Preamp – Inspired by the famous bass DI block, the Efektor Driver provides a wide range of tone shaping options to satisfy your interest in low and deep sounds. Call out a vintage tube tone, brighten up a slap, or just add some extra dirt without sacrificing the bottom end.
Efektor – Smasher: [Bass Distortion FX Engine]
Massive, meaty and heavy bass distortion – Designed specifically for the bass guitar or any other low frequency instrument, the Efektor Smasher delivers massive and heavy distortion that covers a wide range of dirty tones. With a single effects unit, you can get powerful overdrive, tight and meaty distortion, or a muff-like, sustained wooly sound.

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