Just Sound Effects – Ocean Waves (WAV)

A unique collection of ocean sound effects, from soft waves on sandy beaches to big splashes on hard rocks, storm surf and a little splashing oh the various rocks, rocks, and the clicking of pebbles, all seamlessly loop. Enhance your projects with these recordings, whether it’s a storm on the high seas, ripples in the harbor, or the meditative and rhythmic backdrop of a beach.
Ocean sound is full of sonic detail. The slightest changes in the nature of coastlines, water depth, climatic and geological conditions determine the diversity and dynamism of soundscapes. The loud roar of the surf or the gentle lapping of waves on a sandy beach; the sea contains an almost infinite acoustic richness.
The waves in this library have been recorded on the coasts and beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the North Sea and the South China Sea. The various recording locations and the amount of time we have invested in this project give you an outstanding and dynamic repertoire of wave sounds that will allow you to create the acoustic mood of any ocean scene.

Beach waves:
– 25 files
– 54 minutes
Waves on rocks:
– 30 files
– 94 minutes
Strong waves:
– 22 files
– 74 minutes
General lapping:
– 33 files
– 64 minutes
Distant sea surf:
– 18 files
– 53 minutes
Waves in caves:
– 19 files
– 51 minutes

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