[IO Music Academy / Matthew Wang] Intro to Film Scoring with Matt Wang

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Learn the art of scoring to picture and using your music to enhance a story told on screen as media composer Matthew Wang (Centigrade, New Amsterdam, GLOW) walks you through his composition mindset. The course will discuss the technical aspects of setting up a composer template, writing efficiently, and delivering a professional final product. This course is intended for music makers who want to learn about how to create music visual media and is non-DAW Specific.
Matt Wang
Matthew Wang is an Asian-American film and television composer who blends natural organic soundscapes with live instruments and electronic textures, creating atmospheres unique to each project.
He has written music for shows including New Amsterdam (NBC), Shrill (HULU), Mrs. Fletcher (HBO), and Glow (Netflix). Additionally, Matthew has composed music for the Pharrell Williams Executive Produced Netflix Original Kids Show, Brainchild, as well as sonic wellness app Spiritunes.

Lesson 1 – Film Scoring 101 (01:33:28)
Lesson 2 – Templates And Mindset (01:16:19)
Lesson 3 – Writing To Picture (01:27:43)
Lesson 4 – Different Approaches to Scoring The Scene (01:26:28)
Lesson 5 – Recap and Critiques (01:16:52)

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