[IO Music Academy / LUXXURY] Producing Disco with LUXXURY

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Join disco don LUXXURY as he guides you through everything from making edits to writing tracks from scratch. In this 5-day course, you’ll learn how to write funky bass lines, program punchy drums, craft chord progressions, and more.

Your Instructor
LUXXURY makes dance music for adults. Raw, funky bass-lines plucked with grown-man finesse. A mastery of keyboard and synth native only to those who lived through the late ’70s/early ’80s. Dust in the glitter that vibrates in the space between string stabs, bongo slaps, and guitar jabs—even while the steady pulse and astral effects feel beamed in from a more cybernetic future Los Angeles.
That’s where the nu-disco wizard born Blake Robin dwells, of course. That is, when he isn’t on the road opening for Giorgio Moroder or the Juan MacLean; leading his dapper band on late-night TV; remixing live at DJ sets in Mexico City, New York and Berlin; making viral TikTok “Inside the Song” videos, or seeding his Dublab radio show/Spotify playlist Good Morning, Disco! with gems that span four decades of groove-first music.

Day 1 – Digging for and Flipping Disco Samples
Part 1 (35:02)
Part 2 (27:22)
Part 3 (42:33)

Day 2 – Adding Percussive Elements and Developing the Groove
Part 1 (25:03)
Part 2 (24:01)
Part 3 (34:54)

Day 3 – Adding Melodic Elements
Part 1 (01:30:25)
Part 2 (27:17)
Part 3 (27:59)

Day 4 – Mixing, Processing, and Effects
Part 1 (33:33)
Part 2 (22:38)
Part 3 (26:22)

Day 5 – Track Breakdown
Part 1 (38:18)
Part 2 (43:47)
Part 3 (33:03)


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