[IO Music Academy / LAKIM] How I Produce with LAKIM

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LAKIM has been consistently pushing forward electronic music for over a decade, with his involvement in the groundbreaking collective Soulection, performances alongside artists like Nas, Kendrick Lamar, and Lauryn Hill, and production credits for Cousin Stizz, Lil Baby, Kemba, and others. By fluidly blending the sounds of house and hip hop, he has proven himself one of the most versatile producers of the last decade. Now, LAKIM is giving you the chance to go into his studio and witness his creation process in real time. In this week-long IO Music Academy course, you’ll hang out with Lakim as he walks you through how he builds a track from start to finish, covering everything from drum programming and working with samples to sequencing, mixing and more.
Your Instructor
Hailing from Virginia, LAKIM has steadily made a name for himself in the electronic scene. Bridging the gap between dance and hip-hop with style and finesse, his sound is an ever-shifting blend of crisp drum patterns, dreamy synths, and lush vocal chops. LAKIM has consistently performed and toured around the globe since 2013, with astounding displays across North America (Afropunk, Boiler Room, etc.), Asia, Africa (Rocking the Daisies), Europe and Australia with standout performances alongside artists such as Nas, Kendrick Lamar, & Lauryn Hill.

Day 1 – Drums (01:05:05)
Day 2 – Bass (01:13:31)
Day 3 – Sampling (01:27:12)
Day 4 – Arrangement and Sequencing (01:16:50)
Day 5 – Mixing and Polishing (01:27:50)

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