[IO Music Academy / Felipe Gordon] How I Produce with Felipe Gordon

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Go on a production journey with Felipe Gordon (Shall Not Fade, Toy Tonics, Heist Recordings). In this five-day course, the Colombian producer/musician/dj will let you into his studio and show you how he uses a combination of hardware gear and samples to create the memorable house records that continue to land him releases on some of the scene’s hottest labels.
Your Instructor
Based in Colombia’s capital Bogotá, Felipe Gordon is a renaissance man. The producer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and label head is nothing short of a phenom who can effortlessly fuse the complex sounds of Jazz with acid bass lines. It’s this multifaceted sound that has seen Felipe release a string of well regarded tracks on some of the coolest labels out there including Shall Not Fade, Toy Tonics, Heist Recordings, Razor n’ Tape and his own Nómada Records.

Welcome to IO Music Academy (0:44)
Day 1 – Finding the Groove
Part 1 (37:47)
Part 2 (19:16)
Part 3 (42:51)
Day 2 – Chords & Harmony
Part 1 (28:14)
Part 2 (44:17)
Part 3 (34:11)
Day 3 – Basslines, Leads
Part 1 (37:33)
Part 2 (57:42)
Day 4 – Mixing & Arrangement
Part 1 (37:02)
Part 2 (31:01)
Part 3 (37:26)
Day 5 – Music Business
Part 1 (44:38)
Part 2 (31:46)
Part 3 (51:35)

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