[IO Music Academy / Enamour] Inspiration Workflow with Enamour

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Learn the many different strategies, techniques, and tools Enamour uses to generate strong ideas and design unique sounds. Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to break through creative blocks, get more mileage out of existing ideas, make your songs stand out, and discover your own sound.
The course will cover idea generation from a musical and sound design perspective and will touch on all elements of production including composition, arrangement, and mixing all types of sounds (drums, melodies, arps, pads, fx, etc.) On the last day, he will demonstrate everything on your ideas and sounds, showing the improvisational nature of his process.
Your Instructor
Enamour’s productions infuse dreamy melodies with the power of progressive house and the alluring momentum of dark techno.
He’s released on tastemaking labels including Anjunadeep, Future Classic, Lane 8’s This Never Happened, Rufus Du Sol’s Rose Avenue, Desert Hearts Black, and mau5trap. He’s also become a coveted remixer, reworking the likes of Lane 8, Above & Beyond, Hayden James and CloZee.

Day 1 – Creative Mindset / Working in Audio / Resampling
1.1 Creative Audio Resampling (9:46)
1.2 Creative Audio Resampling (20:37)
1.3 Creative Audio Resampling (17:50)
1.4 Creative Audio Resampling (17:30)
1.5 Creative Audio Resampling (4:57)
1.6 Creative Audio Resampling (9:42)
1.7 Creative Audio Resampling (6:53)
1.8 Creative Audio Resampling (17:15)

Day 2 – Better Sequences and Arpeggios

2.1 Max for Live Sequencers (9:08)
2.2 Max for Live Sequencers (15:07)
2.3 Max for Live Sequencers (10:37)
2.4 Max for Live Sequencers (10:25)
2.5 Max for Live Sequencers (3:54)
2.6 Max for Live Sequencers (4:34)
2.7 Max for Live Sequencers (33:16)
Day 3 – Getting More from Existing Ideas
3.1 Enhancing Workflow Through Elements (7:24)
3.2 Enhancing Workflow Through Elements (22:23)
3.3 Enhancing Workflow Through Elements (15:36)
3.4 Enhancing Workflow Through Elements (24:58)
3.5 Enhancing Workflow Through Elements (23:52)
Day 4 – Advanced Automation and Modulation
4.1 Automation and Modulation (14:34)
4.2 Automation and Modulation (5:19)
4.3 Automation and Modulation (3:15)
4.4 Automation and Modulation (11:01)
4.5 Automation and Modulation (26:42)
4.6 Automation and Modulation (25:41)
Day 5 – Putting it Together on Your Ideas
5.1 Unlocking and Refining Production (28:10)
5.2 Unlocking and Refining Production (35:37)
5.3 Unlocking and Refining Production (28:38)

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