[IO Music Academy / Dane Morris / Great Dane] Creativity Hacks with Great Dane

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Join Low End Theory staple and Team Supreme co-founder Great Dane in this 5-day course focused on creativity and workflow. This course is designed for beginners & advanced producers to get better (and faster) at creating new ideas and finishing tracks. In Dane’s eyes, one of the keys to success in making music is speed. Combined with good habits, a fast workflow will help you burn through your less good ideas and on to the awesome ones. Learn to hack your workflow to stay engaged and excited about your track long enough to finish it.
Your Instructor
Dane Morris is Great Dane, an LA transplant from Orange County with a taste for independent hip-hop and an ear for sticky beats. A Low End Theory staple with 4 full-length records under his belt, he is co-founder of the music collective TeamSupreme.

Day 1 – Starting Tracks (Bootlegs and Sample Based Bass Tracks) (01:37:09)
Day 2 – Adding Melodic Elements and Resampling Audio (01:42:14)
Day 3 – Sound Design with Bass (01:39:48)
Day 4 – “Ruining It” (01:14:35)
Day 5 – Finishing (01:50:33)

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