[IO Music Academy / Bruno Furlan] Producing Tech House with Bruno Furlan

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In this exclusive livestream course, the acclaimed Brazilian producer will make a track live over three days and walk you through all the tips and tricks he’s used to sign records to labels such as Dirtybird, Sola, Relief, and many others.
Over 4 days, you’ll learn how to craft groovy drums, write bangin’ bass lines, design unique sounds, and land on an effective arrangement for your tech house productions. On the final day, Bruno will give feedback on your demos, discuss how he navigates the music business, and give tips on how to approach labels and turn your passion into a career.

Your Instructor
Hailing from the big and diverse city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Bruno Furlan started his DJ career while still a teenager and quickly became a highlight in the Brazilian electronic music scene. With a very strong musical personality and tons of charisma, it didn’t take long for him to conquer a large fanbase in the country. A few years later, Bruno’s talent captured the attention from global recognized artists such as Claude VonStroke, Chris Lake, Solardo, Green Velvet and Amine Edge & Dance, which led him to his yearly tours in the United States, Canada and Australia.

Day 1 – Drums and Bass
Lesson 1 – Video (31:25)
Lesson 1 – Video Part 2 (30:16)
Lesson 1 – Video Part 3 (31:17)

Day 2 – Synths and Effects
Lesson 2 – Video (29:57)
Lesson 2 – Video Part 2 (29:55)
Lesson 2 – Video Part 3 (36:42)

Day 3 – Arrangement and Basic Mixing
Lesson 3 – Video (29:58)
Lesson 3 – Video Part 2 (30:41)
Lesson 3 – Video Part 3 (36:48)
Lesson 3 – Recap

Day 4 – Music Business and Student Feedback
Lesson 4 – Video (30:29)
Lesson 4 – Video Part 2 (32:37)
Lesson 4 – Video Part 3 (38:50)


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