[IO Music Academy / Amulets / Randall Taylor] Tape Loops with Amulets

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Learn the ins and outs of creating music with tape loops with one of the medium’s premiere practitioners, prolific audio/visual artist Amulets. In this exclusive livestream course, Amulets will demonstrate the entire process of working with tape loops, from building your own to working with four-track tape, multitracking and recording, and creating entire compositions with tape. Discover what makes magnetic tape such an incredible tool for creating lush soundscapes, textured drones and much more.
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The prolific, Portland-based Randall Taylor is an audio/visual artist best known for his musical project, Amulets. Taylor’s work uses analog tape and its imperfections to explore themes like degradation and nostalgia and their relationship to technology and to the self. By constructing and modifying tape loops and repurposing antiquated cassette players, Taylor creates dense, never-ending, looping soundscapes for both his live performances and sculptural sound art installations. As Amulets, Taylor pays homage to the paradox of memory and growth, creating a deeply immersive musical landscape in the process.

Day 1 – Building a DIY Tape Loop
Lesson 1 – Video Part 1 (23:30)
Lesson 1 – Video Part 2 (34:28)
Lesson 1 – Video Part 3 (26:10)
Day 2 – Recording to Tape Loops
Lesson 2 – Video Part 1 (36:14)
Lesson 2 – Video Part 2 (51:08)
Day 3 – 4 Track Tape Machines
Lesson 3 – Video Part 1 (29:11)
Lesson 3 – Video Part 2 (27:32)
Lesson 3 – Video Part 3 (22:56)
Day 4 – Mulitracking and Recording
Lesson 4 – Video Part 1 (29:34)
Lesson 4 – Video Part 2 (29:32)
Lesson 4 – Video Part 3 (24:50)

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