[IO Music Academy / Adam Johan] Every Effect in Ableton with Adam Johan

NOFX? More like YAS FX! In this (free!) 5-day course, Learn the ins and outs of Ableton’s audio effects. Want to get freaky with filters, cool with compression, and sassy with your saturation? Then join our resident Ableton expert, Adam Johan (Joluca) for an expansive look on using effects to transform your tracks. Learn the how, what, where, when, and why of auto filter, auto pan, glue compressor, saturation, chorus, and 34 other essential tools of the trade.
Adam Johan
Adam is a co-founder of IO Music Academy and one half of DJ/producer duo Joluca. Born in Canada, based in LA, Adam is a music production expert and lover of both details and debauchery. As Joluca, Adam and his production partner David have released on labels such as Desert Hearts, Perfect Driver, Farris Wheel, Psycho Disco!, and Insomniac’s IN/ROTATION.

Lesson 1 – Time Based Effects (01:29:02)
Lesson 2 – Chorus, Phaser and Flanger (01:08:03)
Lesson 3 – All About Compression (00:56:01)
Lesson 4 – Saturation and Distortion (01:02:47)
Lesson 5 – Every Other Effect (01:07:23)
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