[IO Music Academy / Adam Johan] Better Beats with Adam Johan

From sourcing samples to group processing, drums can be just as complicated as crafting a killer chord progression. In this workshop, we’ll cover a wide variety of techniques for producing drums that feel fresh, support your track, and – if you’re into it – hit hard.
Adam Johan
Adam is a co-founder of IO Music Academy and one half of DJ/producer duo Joluca. Born in Canada, based in LA, Adam is a music production expert and lover of both details and debauchery. As Joluca, Adam and his production partner David have released on labels such as Desert Hearts, Perfect Driver, Farris Wheel, Psycho Disco!, and Insomniac’s IN/ROTATION.

Day 1 – Better Beats
Part 1 (38:48)
Part 2 (38:32)
Part 3 (43:09)
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