Instruments By Lamprey – Aetheric Ambient Pad Generator

Aetheric is a powerful library of ambient pads, full of gorgeous pads and recorded natural sounds, designed to awaken creativity and set the mood in seconds. It contains 10 generators, each of which is divided into 3 oscillators with individual volume controls to create the sound of your choice. The Attack and Release controls allow you to go from a standard polyphonic synth batch to a long, inflatable pad – regardless of the mood or setting that Aetheric can provide.

3-Octave Pitch Span
Professionally produced and processed samples.
10 Patches with 3 individual oscillator controls each.
Dedicated ambient oscillator with real recordings of Rain, Street Noise and assorted tape hiss.
Built-in Reverb, Delay, Filter, Morph, Stutter and Attack+Release controls.
Pitch-Bend and automatable interface.
Included Snapshot Presets
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