Initial Audio – Master Suite v1.0.0 VST/VST3/AU x86 x64 (WIN/OSX)-R2R

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Mastering your music has never been simpler. The Master Suite offers a streamlined approach to mastering, allowing you to achieve professional-grade results with ease. Whether you’re preparing tracks for clients, record labels, online distribution, or streaming platforms, the Master Suite ensures that your music meets industry standards for volume and modern sound.

Key Features:

Unlock the potential of the Master Suite with its essential features:

1. 3-Band Equalizer and Stereo Image Control:

  • Adjust the volume effortlessly.
  • Fine-tune your track with the 3-band equalizer.
  • Take control of stereo imaging.

2. LUFS Display:

  • Ensure industry-standard volume levels.
  • The LUFS meter turns green when your master hits the sweet spot, preventing over-compression.

3. Intelligent Algorithm:

  • Apply the right amount of clipping and compression intelligently.
  • Fine-tune your settings for the perfect balance.

4. HD Interface:

  • Enjoy a clean and user-friendly interface.
  • Resize the interface to fit your screen resolution seamlessly.

Mastering Capabilities:

Explore the powerful mastering capabilities of the Master Suite:

THD Plugin (Total Harmonic Distortion):

  • Correct your master and enhance perceived loudness.

Volume Control:

  • Increase or decrease the master’s volume in decibels.
  • Intelligent compression and limiting ensure maximum volume with minimal distortion.

Soften Compression:

  • Soften the compression curve with a “soft knee” effect.

Mix Control:

  • Blend the compressed audio with the original.
  • Restore dynamics while maintaining loudness.

Analog Sound:

  • Alter the frequency response for a more analog-like sound.

3-Band EQ:

  • Boost or cut low, mid, and high frequencies by up to 6 dB.

Stereo Image Control:

  • Mono and Stereo controls for precise stereo field manipulation.
  • Enhance your master’s spatial depth and widen the sound.

Ceiling Setting:

  • Define the maximum peak volume, preventing your host from exceeding it.

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