Inear Display – Litote 1.1.0 (WIN.OSX)

Litote is a granular audio effect that can turn any sound into an impressive texture. Four audio modules can be combined using the XY pad for a wide range of variations. Hiding the complexity of the engines, Litote delegates patching to a smart randomizer for instant gratification and endless possibilities.
For ever-changing sounds, Litote also includes a trajectory mode that allows you to automatically navigate these granular terrains.
With deep sonic capabilities hidden behind a playful and easy-to-use interface, Litote is an essential tool for musicians and sound engineers.


Regenerate the whole sound in one click.
Regenerate individual engines to craft the perfect combination.
Easily generate new trajectories.
Navigate through the textures using the XY pad.
Enable the trajectory mode and define a travel zone to mutate the sound automatically.
Features :
4 Audio Processing Engines
Audio Processing based on a mix of Granulators, Resonators and Diffusion Delays
Interpolation of the 4 Engines Outputs using a XY Pad
Trajectory Mode to automatically control the XY pad Position
Ability to control the Trajectory X and Y Ranges and Speeds
XY pad Position available as Automatable Parameters in the host
Input and Processed signals Amplitude controls
Dry / Wet Mix Control
Global Sound Randomizer
Dedicated Sound Randomizers for each of the 4 Audio Engines
Trajectory Randomizer
Option to set a new Seed for the Randomizers
Audio Output Visualizer
Clean Single Panel Interface
10 factory presets
Cross-Platform presets

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