Imaginando FRMS v1.9.0 Mac [MORiA][M1-M2]

FORMS a granular synth beast with an FM leash. FORMS is a versatile granular synth that combines granular synthesis with FM synthesis using a flexible layering system. From highly saturated ambient drones to buggy mechanical creatures, turn simple sounds into complex evolving soundscapes with up to four levels of synthesis in any combination.
Add. information :

– 3 synth engines, 4 layers per voice
– Granular synthesis, FM synthesis, subtractive synthesis
– 8 FM modes, layers as operators
– Grain samples or live audio
– Up to 20 grains per voice, per layer
– 1 modulation matrix per layer
– 2 EGs per layer
– 1 filter per layer and master filter
– polyphony for 8 voices
– 4 LFOs with 6 modes
– Arpeggiator with 5 modes
– Delay and reverb FX when sending a layer
– High quality sample bank
– Built-in audio recorder
– Compatible with MPE
– Link to Ableton
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