Imaginando DLYM v2.0.5 Mac [MORiA][M1-M2]

A DLYM Delay Modulator plugin that creates flanger and chorus style effects using the powerful Imaginando processing technology. Drawing inspiration from the DRC chorus effect, DLYM expands the functionality. Whether you want to add a little depth to your sounds or radically change them, DLYM can do both; we’ve even included over 20 presets/patches to get you started.
Add. information :

– 2 processing modes – “analog emulation” and “dimensional style”.
– 6 time-synchronized modulation waveforms – sine, square, sawtooth, triangle, sample and hold, and filtered sample and hold.
– Adjustable stereo diffuser.
– Crossover/Cutoff to control the frequency range of the effect.
– Built-in preset / patch manager.
– – Available in various plugin formats: AAX, AU, au v3, VST
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