Image Sounds – Pro Drums Metal (WAV)

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The Pro Drums Metal Library is the perfect solution for those who want to add powerful, hard drumming to their metal productions. This 17GB library of high-quality drum recordings contains 14,233 natural drum loops that are tempo-synced and labeled BPM.

This library includes multitrack drum recordings that feature song structure and are available at 18 different BPMs, ranging from 105 BPM to 190 BPM. All recordings are 100% royalty-free and come in WAV format with 24 Bit & 44.1 Khz, ensuring a professional-quality sound for your productions. The backbone and foundation of any metal production are the drums, and with Pro ultimate Drums Metal, you can achieve powerful drum sounds, grooves, and fills that dominate your mix. The drum performances were recorded with up to 20 microphones, resulting in a rich and fat sound without the need for further processing.

Whether you want to use them as the driving force of your track or as subtle support in your mix, Pro Drums Metal Library has got you covered. Nothing can push your groove like fat metal drums, and you can rely on this library to deliver just that. Get ready to rock with Pro Drums Metal!

The structure
These loops have been carefully and professionally recorded by proven experts, using top quality studio equipment, with sound optimized and recorded at 24-bits/44.1 kHz. Each BPM / folder consists of several drum grooves and fills and contains a mixed stereo drum loop, premixed groups, and all individual tracks as a dry version, including kick in/out, snare bottom/top, hi-hats, toms, ride, crash, overheads, and room microphones. They are premixed and ready to use, with perfect EQ and light compression. Every loop contains tempo information. With each drum performance you get a huge selection of different loops, all of which work well together or can be used individually. All loops of a drum performance can easily be combined. Select loops for a complete song or just use a sample for your song – all within seconds.

The Recording Studio
All drum recordings were made at the legendary Horus recording studio in both Recording Room A & B.

Recording Room A features a traditional warm vintage sound. Its different surfaces range from brick to glass and wood. Perfect for warm drums.

The power of drums is experienced in Recording Room B. Build especially for this purpose it´s open and punchy sound gave heart and soul to countless numbers of rock records.

All drums were played by Stephan Emig
Recorded by Arne Neurand
– 17 GB
– 14233 Natural Live Played Drum Loops
– Tempo-synced & BPM labeled
– Multitrack Drum Recordings
– Song Structure
– 18 different BPM
– 105 BPM – 190 BPM
– 100% Royalty Free
– Format: WAV
– 24 Bit & 44.1 Khz


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