HOFA-Plugins – FX Bundle

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Founded in 1988 as a recording studio, HOFA has grown into one of the largest audio and media production service providers in the German speaking world with divisions Media (1993), College (2005), Akustik (2007) and Plugins (2010).

Included plugins
🔶 There are separate installers in the archive .
[ 53mb >>>after extraction>> 418mb ]
▶ 4U+ DynamicTiltEQ v1.0.9 : Optimize the balance between low and high frequencies with one simple control at the highest sound level.
▶ IQ-Analyser v2.0.22 : Ideal plugin for comparing frequency ranges of different audio tracks. For example, it is very easy to locate problems caused by aliasing with it.
▶ IQ-Comp v2.5.13 : This is the only compressor in the world capable of linking the gain reduction to the built-in EQ when needed.
▶ IQ-DeEsser v1.0.8: A new tool for editing harsh sibilants in vocals or in the whole mix – The built-in voice recognition system is able to handle all kinds of sibilants (s, sh, ts, …) completely smoothly and efficiently.
▶ IQ-EQ v3.7.23 : Hi-End EQ from 1Hz to 40kHz, world-class dynamics and perfect de-essing for outstanding mixing and mastering results.
▶ IQ-Transient v1.0.0 : Give your artwork the perfect punch! Innovative transient and delay processing, Transient and Sustain EQs for frequency selective processing, Magic Boost for consistent transients and more punch for your drums.
▶ SYSTEM All Bundle v8.0.7: 32 high-end plug-ins that can be used in a DAW or linked together in a revolutionary environment – With dynamics, EQs, reverbs, FX, modulation and saturation effects, and premium utilities Intuitive and fast workflow for multi-band, mid/side, parallel, and dual mono routing.

NOTE (HOFA IQ-Analyser NetAux)
Don’t install NetAux if you don’t know what it is.
NetAux is free software.
Our NetAux installer contains unpatched x86/x64 executables and supports legal ProTools.
We know this will help some people.


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