Heptode – Amplosion v1.1.1

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Heptode introduces the new Amplosion guitar amplifier plug-in.
Based on patented technology, it perfectly mimics the tone and dynamics of legendary tube amps.
Amplosion offers demanding guitarists the same enjoyment and experience of playing a real amp.

❧ Easy to use – Just like playing a real amp.
❧ Includes three legendary tube amps.
❧ Patented Heptode Technology – Perfect reproduction of the tone and dynamics of tube amps.
❧ High performance plugin.
❧ Low CPU usage.
❧ Low latency.
Modeled Amps :
Leo (Fender Blackface simulation)*.
Jim (Marshall JCM800 2203 simulation)*.
Randy (Mesa Rectifier Red Modern simulation)*.
Modeling acoustic cabinets :
IR Loader.
HiCut filter with adjustable cutoff frequency.

Miscellaneous :
3 channels.
Amplifier with bypass (possibility of using only imitation speaker cabinet).
Preset manager.
Input level control.
Output mute control.

Audio format :
Mono in / Mono out.
Stereo in / Stereo out (stereo sound processing with the same settings for left and right channels)

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