[Groove3 / Thomas Cochran] Creative Effect Processing Explained

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If you’re looking for a way to spice up your productions with new sounds, this creative effect processing video course is for you! Veteran Groove3 instructor Thomas Cochran shows you how to achieve inspiring results by applying some creative techniques with various effects and thinking outside the box. You’ll learn how to add lo-fi vibe, enhance your low end, inject vintage flavor with saturation, and more! These creative effect video tutorials are designed for those with a basic familiarity of effect processing.

Thomas begins by explaining how a tilt shelf EQ can be an invaluable tool in speeding up the mixing process and/or in creating quick rough mixes. This can help increase your workflow efficiency to keep your momentum flowing while in a session. Then he shows how the same concept can apply to dynamic and tonal control plugins as well, as he demonstrates how to quickly add punch and clarity to a drum part.

Next, you’ll learn how to apply sample replacement on drum loops with DrumXchanger, which can help liven things up and provide some extra low or end or snap. Thomas then shows how to create a lo-fi texture via Needlepoint and LO-FI-AF and then how to enhance the critical low end of a mix with Bass-Mint, which allows you to synthesize low end of your own.

Throughout the rest of the creative effect video tutorials, many other topics are covered, including tube saturation with Opticom XLA-3, mixing with distortion (for compression and tonal-shaping), creating stereo width from mono signals (using bx_shedspread and bx_stereomaker), granular reverbs (with SILO), 3D audio panning (with dearVR PRO), and more!

It’s easy to sometimes get on autopilot and reach for the same things (instruments, effects, loops, etc.) from song to song. After watching this creative effect processing course, you’ll be well-armed with many strategies for creating new sounds, enhancing others, solving problem areas, and more. See the individual creative effect processing video descriptions for more information and other ideas on how you can apply these concepts in your own productions. What’s the old expression? If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get the results you’ve always gotten. Here’s your chance to break the cycle… watch “Creative Effect Processing Explained┬«” today!
Plug-ins Used in the Videos (Any equivalent plug-ins will produce similar results)

Louder Than Liftoff Chop Shop
ADPTR Audio Sculpt
SPL DrumXchanger
Unfiltered Audio LO-FI-AF
Unfiltered Audio Needlepoint
Unfiltered Audio Bass-Mint
Unfiltered Audio SILO
ACME Audio Opticom XLA-3
Maor Appelbaum Mastering & Hendyamps The Oven
Kiive Audio Tape Face
Brainworx bx_stereomaker
Brainworx bx_shreadspread
Dear Reality dearVR PRO

What You Will Learn
– Sound enhancement (tilt shelf EQ, dynamic/tonal control, low-end synthesis, etc.)
– Sample replacement strategies for drum loops
– Using saturation (vintage flavor, compression, harmonic excitement, etc.)
– Creating space and stereo width (stereo width from a mono source, granular reverbs, 3D audio panning, etc.)
– And more!

Chapter 1 : Enhancing Sounds
01. Tilt Shelf EQs for Quick Mixing (12:38)
Learn how to use tilt shelf EQs on a mix to quickly adjust the tone of drums and a sample. This is great for quick mixing of your songs and can be a good way of balancing sounding while producing a track.

02. Dynamic & Tonal Control (11:35)
Discover how to use dynamically adaptive tonal control plugins for quickly mixing parts in a production. This video shows how the plugin Sculpt can be used on a drum part to make it sound clearer and punchier.

03. Sample Replacement on Drum Loops (14:48)
See how DrumXchanger can be used to enhance acoustic drum recordings. This can be helpful when working with drums that need some extra low end and snap.

04. Creative Lo-fi Effects (14:23)
Creatively process your samples using Needlepoint and LO-FI-AF for adding interesting texture to your sounds. This can be great for helping loops fit into a mix.

05. Low-end Enhancement (8:44)
Using Bass-Mint, learn how to synthesize low end for instruments and samples. This can be used to make new versions of kick drums or enhance a recording that is lacking in low end sub bass.

Chapter 2 : Creative Saturation
06. Tube Saturation with Opticom XLA-3 (11:18)
This video demonstrates mixing with tube saturation using the ACME Audio Opticom XLA-3 as a Saturator. This can be used to add vintage flavor and thick tube saturation to drums.

07. Mixing with Distortion Pt. (1 (7:07)
Learn how to creatively mix using different types of distortion for compression and tonal-shaping effects. This can harmonically enhance your tracks while also balancing sound sounds in your mix.

08. Mixing with Distortion Pt. (2 (9:47)
This video wraps up discussion on mixing with distortion and looks at how it can also be used to adjust a synth group.

Chapter 3 : Creating Space & Stereo Width)
09. Creating Stereo Width from Mono Signals (11:10)
Thomas shows how to add stereo width to mono sounds in a mix using Brainworx’s bx_stereomaker and bx_shreadspread. These plugins allow you to modify your stereo image while still keeping synths mono-compatible.

10. Granular Reverbs (14:33)
Discover how to use SILO for textured, granular reverb effects, which can help transform a simple keyboard loop into a complex textured ambience with just one plugin.

11. 3D Audio Panning (7:40)
Thomas shows how to use dearVR PRO for advanced three-dimensional panning effects. This lets you have more control over where sounds are placed in the stereo spectrum.


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