Groove3 – MODO Drum Explained

Eli Krantzberg brings you in-depth IK Multimedia MODO Drum videos! Learn MODO Drum inside and out, including how to make your first drum part. These MODO Drum tutorials are for those just starting out with the MODO Drum virtual instrument, as well as intermediate MODO Drum users.
Eli hits the ground running with videos covering the main areas of the interface and how to customize the drum kits, individual pieces, playing styles, rooms, mixer settings, and more. Then Eli moves to the snare drum section where you’ll explore ways of customizing snare drum timbre, tuning, damping, and other options, using the Edit Element Parameters found on the Customize page.
Throughout the rest of the series, Eli covers the Kick drum section in detail as well, followed by all the other sections including the Toms, Hi-Hats, and Cymbals. He then shows you how to work with MODO Drum grooves, the routing and processing possibilities in the MODO Drum mixer, and how to make a drum part based around one of the included grooves and edit it using various programming techniques and more!
To see what these MODO Drum videos show you and how they’ll help you understand MODO Drum and make your first drum track, see the individual MODO Drum tutorial descriptions on this page. If you’re ready to make realistic drum tracks fast and easy, this series of MODO Drum videos are for you… Watch “MODO Drum Explained®” today.

1. QuickStart (6:04)
2. The Snare Drum (7:40)
3. Snare Drum Playing Styles (4:11)
4. The Kick Drum (8:24)
5. The Toms (5:11)
6. The Hi-Hats (10:01)
7. The Cymbals (5:36)
8. Working with Grooves (6:01)
9. The Mixer (8:15)
10. MODO Drum in Action (16:53)
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