[Groove3 / Laurence Holcombe] Synapse Obsession Explained

Join veteran Groove3 instructor Larry Holcombe for an in-depth look at the newest Oberheim synthesizer emulation from Synapse Audio, Obsession. In this comprehensive Obsession video course, you’ll learn about all the parameters and controls of this incredible instrument with numerous musical examples that allow you to hear the concepts in action. By the end of this Obsession video course, you’ll be able to get around the synth with confidence, and be well on your way to creating your own unique, inimitable patches for your own productions. These videos are for new Obsession users.
Larry begins with an overview of the plugin and a brief tour of the interface, including the front and back panels. Then it’s on to the oscillator section, where you’ll learn how to select different waveshapes, hard sync the oscillators, and use the filter envelope to modulate the pitch. Larry then covers the filter section, demonstrating how to shape the sound with the cutoff, resonance, and filter envelope parameters. You’ll also see how to mix oscillators 1 and 2 and the noise module from the filter section.
Next up, explore the envelope section, which allows us control of the volume and timbre of the sound over time. The modulation section follows, where Larry shows you how to use LFO 1 and 2 to introduce periodic modulation, including selecting which waveforms to use, where to send the modulation, and the function of the rate and depth knobs.
There’s plenty more to come as well, including lessons on the controls that allow for portamento, monophonic patches, how to create subtle or pronounced inconsistencies between the voices for creating that imperfect vintage tone, the various sources of modulation available, Mod Matrix destinations, the Effects section, sound design examples and much more!
If you’re excited to make use of Obsession in your next track but are a bit intimidated by the formidable collection of knobs and buttons, this is the one video course you need! You’ll learn everything you need to start creating killer patches, and you’ll be armed with the knowledge of how to customize each sound to your specific needs. Check out the individual Synapse Obsession video tutorial descriptions for more information and inspiration. Classic analog polysynth tone awaits… watch “Synapse Obsession Explained®” today!

1. Introduction & Interface (6:07)
2. Oscillator Section (8:06)
3. Filter Section (7:54)
4. Envelope Section (3:55)
5. Modulation Section 7:31)
6. Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel, Control, & Common Section (7:06)
7. Voice Adjustment Section (12:53)
8. Mod Matrix Sources Pt. 1 (10:48)
9. Mod Matrix Sources Pt. 2 (3:31)
10. Mod Matrix Destinations (8:48)
11. Effects Section (9:45)
12. Global Section (3:16)
13. LFO Steps (5:39)
14. Single, Dual, & Split Modes (3:50)
15. Patch Browser (4:07
16. Sound Design Pt. 1 (13:55)
17. Sound Design Pt. 2 (4:12)
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