Groove3 – Bedroom Pop Sound Design Explained

Sound design expert Thomas Cochran presents a comprehensive set of Bedroom Pop Sound Design video tutorials! After the multi-Grammy-winning smash success of Billie Eilish and her partner in crime, brother Finneas O’Connell, the debate over whether you can achieve professional sounds with a DAW in a home studio is all but over. Thomas guides you through the process of creating your own 21st-century sounds, from the comfort of your bedroom, using the versatile Serum plugin, but the techniques shown are applicable to most any wavetable hardware or synth plugin. These videos are for new Bedroom Pop producers.
Thomas welcomes you and kicks things off by demonstrating how to create various keys sounds with Serum, beginning with an evocative lo-fi patch. You’ll then discover how to bring the sound to life through the application of various effects to achieve different textures. Next up is an indie pitch-bending patch with portamento that beautifully complements a chilled tune, followed by some bright, textured sounds modeled after the famous Roland JV-1080 synth.
Next, explore various lead and plucked sounds, all of which are staples in modern bedroom pop productions. You’ll learn how to apply flange filters to create a textured flute lead and even use the same filters on a vocal sample, creating a hybrid sound not possible with a standard synth. Explore a plucked sound based on the Roland Juno 106/60, and craft a silky chorus guitar patch!
Throughout the rest of the course, you’ll follow Thomas through more avenues of sound design, including a classic indie synth bass (using filter modulation and compression) and a funky synth bass that can be applied to a number of styles. Thomas brings things to a close with a couple of expressive pads, modeling various Rhodes-style pads and a classic Juno-type pad that’s been recently championed by Tame Impala and others.
To see exactly what these in-depth Bedroom Pop Sound Design tutorials show you, and how they can open a whole new world of creative expression, see the individual Bedroom Pop Sound Design video tutorial descriptions on this page. Start giving your bedroom productions the attention to detail they need … Watch “Bedroom Pop Sound Design Explained®” now.

Chapter 1: Synth Keys
1. Lo-fi Keys Pt. 1 (10:06)
2. Lo-fi Keys Pt. 2 (11:25)
3. Chill Indie Keys (13:58)
4. 80’s Bright Textured Keys Pt. 1 (11:27)
5. 80’s Bright Textured Keys Pt. 2 (5:56)
Chapter 2: Leads & Plucks
6. Textured Flute Lead (13:35)
7. Textured Vocal Lead (15:40)
8. Juno 106 Pluck (14:04)
9. Chorus Guitar Patch (14:10)
Chapter 3: Bass Patches
10. Classic Indie Synth Bass (12:21
11. Funky Synth Bass (10:13)
Chapter 4: Pads & Textures
12. Rhodes Pad (15:05)
13. Juno Type Pad (11:52)
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