Gospel Producers – Doobie Powell’s Peculiar Sounds v1.0.0

Doobie Powell’s Peculiar Sounds VST is a virtual instrument plug-in for music production software that contains a collection of unique and experimental sounds designed by musician and producer Doobie Powell. The plugin includes a range of instruments and sounds such as synths, pads, guitars, keyboards and drums, each of which has its own style and character. It is compatible with most popular music production software including Ableton Live, Logic Pro X and FL Studio and can be used to add a fresh and distinctive element to any music production project.

We’ve teamed up with the legendary Dooby Powell to create a brand new VST plugin featuring over 100 of Dooby’s iconic sounds
from his most popular recordings! You will get access to his Rhodes, Pianos, Synths, Pads, Leads and even his drums!!!
This is a complete set of tools that will add tremendous value to your work!

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10 months ago

Great one but sounds don’t really play. Just white noise. please please please re-upload