GetGood Drums – One Kit Wonder: Classic Rock (KONTAKT)

GetGood Drums
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereoDescription: One Kit Wonder series has been inspired by many GGD users who use our libraries for songwriting. We know how important it is that between the moment when inspiration comes and you can capture it to lose as little time as possible, and how important it is that your ideas sound flawless and professional so that you don’t lose enthusiasm as they develop.Each One Kit Wonder is captured with the same level of detail as our other libraries, but comes completely mixed and ready to work, so you can immediately immerse yourself in creativity and hear how your ideas immediately sound amazing. One Kit Wonder: Classic Rock has a low, noisy snare drum, a huge booming bass and large warm volumes that you’d expect, along with plenty of oversized Big Beat plates, all recorded in the gorgeous Middle Farm living room, as reflective as possible for maximum atmosphere. The resulting sound is definitely classic in nature, but with a little extra shine at the top and an extended bottom that modern recording allows, compared to recordings from 50 years ago. To work with this library requires NI Kontakt Player or Kontakt FULL v6.6.0 and above!

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