Fracture Sounds – Toy Piano (KONTAKT)

The sound of a toy piano is played by hitting hammers on metal rods (prongs), resulting in a unique sound similar to bell. The instrument was positioned close to the microphone in stereo, in a dry studio, allowing you to add as much reverb as you like.
The original instrument has some natural tuning deviations due to its age. While it adds charm and authenticity, we know everyone has different tastes, so we took a sample of the instrument and carefully optimized the tuning by note. To restore some of these natural tuning deviations, we’ve added a “broken tuning” wheel that lets you choose how the instrument sounds. Set to 0 for a modern / clear sound for fun kids music, or all the way up to 100 for spooky Halloween music.
To further enhance the authenticity and realism of the instrument, we have captured the mechanical sounds of the keys being released. They can be typed using the Key Clicks control.
We have again included an “ambience layer” specially designed for this instrument, which can be mixed with a raw toy piano to create an eerie atmosphere. The modulation wheel gives you control over the intensity of a layer, allowing you to control dynamics and add extra expressiveness. By popular demand, we’ve added the ability to solo an ambience layer so you can use it as a pad in isolation or mix with other instruments

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