Fracture Sounds – Frozen Percussion: Crotales (KONTAKT)

Frozen Percussion is our new series of deeply sampled percussion instruments played in unconventional ways to create endless sustains, frozen in time. Frozen Crotales is our first movement, a set of tuned orchestral cymbals (also known as antique cymbals) played with a cello bow.
As usual, the instrument has been programmed with ease of use in mind. Simply move the mod wheel as you play to seamlessly transition between different dynamic levels.
While the instrument may seem simple at first glance, there is a special script behind the scenes that allows you to play very responsively and expressively. When playing with a bow over a metal instrument such as a cymbal, dynamics often change rather slowly, as the instrument takes time to vibrate and resonate. Our engine reproduces this characteristic, smoothly transitioning between dynamic characteristics. In addition, when a note is played, the engine gradually revs up to the target dynamics. This is more realistic than the traditional ADSR attack because it transforms between real dynamic layers, rather than just fading out in volume.

Additional Information
The license file is located in: Frozen Crotales \ Samples \ Data
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