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Free Download BLUEPRINT: ELECTRIC KEYS by Fracture Sounds Kontakt Library.

Overview of Electric Keys:

Electric Keys is a meticulously sampled vintage Fender Rhodes Mark 1 Stage Piano, brought to life with modern sampling techniques and atmospheric effects. This article explores its features, technical details, system requirements, and installation process (if applicable).

Features of Electric Keys:

  • Sampled from an original Rhodes Mark 1 (1969).
  • Switch between direct (DI) and amped signals for diverse sounds.
  • Control the key and release noise for added realism.
  • Boasts a custom sound-design atmosphere layer.
  • A simple and user-friendly interface for easy sound customization.
  • Full NKS support for seamless integration with Komplete Kontrol hardware.
  • A 2.5GB download size (NCW compressed from a 6GB sample pool).
  • Runs in the free Kontakt Player (v7 or later) without the need for additional sampler software.

Technical Details & System Requirements:

  • NKS support for hands-on control via Komplete Kontrol keyboards.
  • Compatible with the free Kontakt Player (v7 or later).
  • Accessible to blind and visually impaired musicians.
  • Sample start and velocity response adjustments for personalized performance.

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