Fluffy Audio – Simple Cello

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Free Download Simple Cello Kontakt Library by Fluffy Audio For Kontakt.

Overview of Simple Cello

Simple Cello is all about capturing a warm and natural ambience, combined with the power of Venice Modern Strings. In this brief overview, we’ll explore the core features and characteristics of this instrument.

Similar to Simple Violin, Simple Cello was sampled with just one true legato articulation with full sustain note after the legato in the magnificent hall of Pietro Pasquini in Crema. It features one staccato articulation as well as polyphonic legato and reboring for added versatility and expressiveness.

Features of Simple Cello

  • Singing, intuitive, and intelligent legato
  • Realistic transitions
  • Lively dynamic performance
  • One true legato articulation
  • Full sustain note after legato
  • Staccato articulation
  • Polyphonic legato
  • Rebowing for versatility and expressiveness

Technical Details & System Requirements

Quality: 24-bit 48 kHz stereo


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