FKFX INFLUX 15 v1.8.5 Mac [MORiA] [M1-M2]

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Introducing Influx, an instant “Sonic Retox” engine powered by a powerful FLUX resonator module, complete with bass and tube distortion capabilities. The FLUX RESONATOR combines a classic resonator and a real-time waveform to easily transform any loop or sound into an electrical version. UP TO CHAOS Explore the presets to get a wide range of electrification, from cold and direct to chaotic melodies. SIMPLE SCALE Easily change your root note and try out multiple modulations and scales. Half buffer, half synth, but always punchy.
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– Flux Chaos: real-time resonator feed via audio input.
– Flux scale binding with 38 automatic scaling modes
– Flux LFO: controls the low pass filter.
– Low pass filter: can be controlled by the LFO flow resonator.
– Tube Distortion
– Gain: Sets the gain after distortion, 48dB/+48dB exponential.
– Dry/wet LFO editor
– FULL “WET” button with additional hit animation.
– Editor modes: spot edit mode and global selection mode.
– Vumeters: Input and output Vu meter.
– Preset Lock Option: Locks part of the plugin to stay the same when preset loaded.
– Flux resonator: multi-point LFO editor in resonator note.
– Stream Center Note: Select the root note for the stream resonator with optional MIDI control.
– Flux Stereo: Adds a stereo pitch shift between the left and right flux resonators.
– LFO frequency: 4 bars to 16 bars, with a polyrhythmic rhythm (ie 5th, 7th).
– 16 Waveformers
– Low Pass Filter: Removes low hum from the signal.
– Maximum dry/wet
– WET ONLY switch: Receive only the wet resonator signal.
– Editor Tools: Smooth, Normalize, Flip, Slice, Roll, Pencil, Snap Modes, etc.
– Settings: OpenGL Animation, MIDI Note, MIDI Through.
– Preset manager
– 210 presets

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