Erica Synths – Zen Delay Virtual v1.0.0

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Erica Synths’ Zen Delay Virtual is a software emulation of their popular hardware Zen Delay, which was released in 2019. The virtual plugin aims to recreate the unique and organic delay effects of the hardware unit, while also adding new features and capabilities that are exclusive to the software version.

At its core, Zen Delay Virtual is a stereo delay effect that features a range of delay modes, including tape, digital, and ping-pong. The plugin also includes a multi-mode filter, an analog-style saturation circuit, and a feedback loop, which can be used to create complex and evolving delay textures.

Time Stretch mode
Which allows users to stretch and manipulate the delay time in real-time, without altering the pitch of the audio. This can be used to create stuttering effects, glitchy rhythms, and other time-based effects that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional delay units.

Diffusion network
Which can be used to create subtle or extreme stereo widening effects. The Diffusion network can be adjusted to control the amount and intensity of the stereo processing, and can be used to create wide and spacious soundscapes or to add depth and dimension to individual sounds.

Zen Delay Virtual also includes a range of modulation sources, including LFOs, envelope generators, and a step sequencer, which can be used to modulate various parameters of the delay effect. The plugin also features a comprehensive preset library, which includes a range of classic and modern delay effects, as well as experimental and ambient textures.

Erica Synths’ Zen Delay Virtual is a powerful and versatile delay effect plugin that offers a range of unique and innovative features. Its ability to stretch and manipulate delay time in real-time, combined with its Diffusion network and modulation capabilities, make it a valuable tool for sound designers, electronic musicians, and music producers who are looking to add depth and texture to their productions. If you’re a fan of the hardware Zen Delay or looking for a powerful and creative delay effect plugin, Zen Delay Virtual is definitely worth checking out.


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