Emergence Audio – Source Code (KONTAKT)

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The sound of Source Code has been created with great care and attention to detail. We sampled classic analog oscillator waveforms: Triangle, Sawtooth, Reverse/Sawtooth, Square, Wide Pulse and Narrow Pulse. The “D Type” circuitry was a key component of some of the most revered Moog analog synthesizers of the 1970s. And thanks to our acclaimed Infinite Motion Engine™, Source Code reaches new heights of sonic shaping flexibility, allowing you to create everything from super-fat basses and lead tones to mesmerizing effects and progressive organ sounds. But the real magic happens when you use Source Code to work with the limitless sounds of your imagination, creating otherworldly melodies that will take you to another world..
Source Code is an excellent choice for adding depth and movement to any track, and is suitable for a wide range of musical styles and genres, including film, TV and game dubbing, contemporary era music, neoclassical music, ambient music, drone music, sound design, music for trailers, new age/meditation music and more.

– Infinite Motion Engine™
– 100+ presets.
– 100+ parameters to customize your own sound.
– Conversion reverb with 50+ best impulse responses.
– 10 effects and a randomizer.
– A unique collection of evolving pads and textures.
– Midi training/automation for all controls.
– New and enhanced NKS mapping.

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