Emergence Audio – Quantum 2.0.0 (KONTAKT) (FULL & UPDATE)

FULL & UPDATE means that you can download the already updated full version if you install it for the first time or download only the update if there is a previous one.


The Quantum Sampler, combined with our innovative and easy-to-use engine, creates a sense of endless motion unlike anything before. To understand the true potential of Quantum, just hit a few notes to truly hear the soundscapes unfolding over time. It was a conscious intention to play each note slightly differently on the keyboard within the same sound source during the sampling process. This creates a non-static evolutionary cycle that seems alive and will never repeat itself the same way.

The intuitive and user-friendly interface helps you instantly create an inspiring, ever-evolving mix of pads, textures, soundscapes, drones and nuance-filled pulses. Great for film scoring, TV shows and games, ambient music, contemporary music, sound design, trailer music, new age / meditation music, downtempo, synthwave …

Our evolutionary cycles are a big part of what makes Quantum so unique. Loops are the average of the different times that each sample develops in the same sound source, a real non-static movement when working.

“A movement that seems endless.” All of our pads and textures have subtle differences that we implemented while sampling from the same source, creating an unrivaled sense of life and character.

Enter the quantum realm and explore a new dimension of ambient motion!


– 7.40 GB of source material

– More than 140 presets

– True non-static pads and textures

– 100+ parameters to customize your own sound

– Up to 7 octaves sampled across the keyboard

– Endless layer combinations

– 9 curated preset categories

– Convolution Reverb with 40 Top-Shelf Impulse responses

– 10 Effects including our Quantum morphing engine and Randomizer

– Treated analog / modular synths and organic instruments

– 24bit 48kHz samples

– NCW lossless compression technology

– Midi learn / automation for all controls

– Intuitive user-friendly one of a kind GUI

New in version

NEW 2.0.0 – 2021-11-17

ADDED GUI Functionality

– Main Page: More LFO Options

– Main Page: LFO Sync Triplet Option

– Main Page: Left and Right toggle button on both layers

– Main Page: Filter Switch Layer Linking

– FX Page: More Convolution Reverbs with 50+ impulse responses

– FX Page : Left and Right toggle button on Convolution Reverb



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