Emergence Audio – Clarinet Textures (KONTAKT)

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Clarinet Textures represents a departure from traditional woodwind instruments, offering a dynamic and versatile soundscape. Powered by our acclaimed Infinite Motion Engine™ and innovative Non-Static Sampling™ technique, this instrument seamlessly blends human emotion with synthetic programming through an intuitive interface.

World-Class Artistry Renowned multi-instrumentalist and soloist, Fraser A. Campbell, lends his virtuoso talents to bring the clarinet to life.

Infinite Motion Engine™ Our intuitive Infinite Motion Engine™ combined with the non-static sampling process allows you to craft expressive soundscapes that never feel static. Whether you’re creating pads, textures, soundscapes, drones, or impulses, Clarinet Textures is your gateway to exploring a wide array of genres, including film, TV, game scoring, contemporary, neoclassical, ambient, drone, sound design, trailer music, and more.

Non-Static Sampling™ Experience the essence of movement that feels infinite. Non-Static Sampling™, a pioneering approach developed by founder Michael Vignola, injects an ever-changing and unpredictable quality into the audio environment. It introduces subtle, unique variations in performance to each note, preserving the complexity and richness of live instruments. The result? Fresh, emotional, and dynamic sound that captivates the listener. By marrying this technique with our Infinite Motion Engine™, we’ve crafted a potent and groundbreaking tool to elevate your audio productions with authenticity and artistry.

Immersive Effects Explore a spectrum of effects, including Flow Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Phaser, Rotator, Stereo Viewer, Distortion, Saturation, LoFi, and Tape Saturation, to add depth and character to your compositions. Dive deeper into top-notch convolution reverbs and attenuators in our FX section, delivering unparalleled control.

Beyond Modulation Beneath it all, discover a meticulously crafted cascade of organic timbres that evolve independently over time, enriching your sonic explorations.


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