East West – Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds Diamond v1.0.9

Woodwind sound worthy of the big screen
Cinematic Brass! Create Oscar-worthy arrangements with Hollywood Woodwinds, an exciting release from EastWest Quantum Leap’s virtual instrument masters. This brilliant plug-in contains an almost endless catalog of articulations and woodwind sounds, each meticulously recorded for impeccable quality. In fact, the team that worked on the Hollywood Woodwinds project includes Oscar and Emmy award-winning engineers and producers – some of the same guys who recorded and mixed “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” the latest films. Star Wars, Jurassic. Park, Titanic, Harry Potter and more. You can be sure that the woodwind sounds at Hollywood Woodwinds are ready for the silver screen!
EastWest/Quantum Leap Hollywood Woodwinds Diamond Edition:
– Huge selection of woodwinds to expand your sessions
– Variable mic position to create just the right sound
– Multifaceted samples provide tons of articulation and dynamics
Huge selection of woodwinds to expand your sessions
Without a doubt, EastWest Quantum Leap didn’t hold back when creating Hollywood Woodwinds. The focus of this plugin and creative tool is on giving you an extraordinary range of self-expression – it really feels like a top-notch woodwind section available at any time of the day. Each section has been sampled over a wide extended range – recorded instruments include alto flute, bass clarinet, bass flute, bassoon, clarinet, contra bass clarinet, contra bassoon, E flat clarinet, cor anglais, flute, flute 2, oboe and piccolo. And, of course, these musicians were recorded using only the finest premium microphones and studio equipment.
Variable mic position to create the sound
you want Speaking of mics, with this EastWest Quantum Leap Hollywood Woodwinds Diamond Edition, you get a lot of flexibility when it comes to how you want your mic instruments to sound. In fact, you can control up to five mic positions to enhance your orchestrations. Go ahead and set up your primary, mid, near, surround, and secondary room mics to suit your ear. You can also experiment with articulation after the fact to get the right idea of ​​the score.
Multifaceted samples provide tons of articulations and dynamics
EastWest Quantum Leap Hollywood Woodwinds Diamond Edition includes every articulation, legato dynamics 2-3 intervals, legato dynamics 2 to 3 intervals, double tongue for all instruments and sections, expressive sustains, multi-dynamic patches for playback, multi-speed and multi-dynamic repetitions, 9-band staccato on a three-speaker circular system, 9-band staccatissimo on a three-speaker circular system, and much more. Give your music a chance to take the big stage – take control of a world-class woodwind section and get creative with the incredible EastWest Quantum Leap Hollywood Woodwinds Diamond Edition!

Additional Information
EastWest/Quantum Leap Hollywood Woodwinds Diamond Edition Features:
– A Hollywood-worthy virtual instrument plug-
in – This version includes all articulations and speakers
– Allows you to adjust 5 mic positions – main, mid, close, surround and alternate.
– All sections sampled with a wide extended range
– Alto Flute, Bass Clarinet, Bass Flute, Bassoon, Clarinet, Contrabass Clarinet, Contrabassoon, E Flat Clarinet, Cor anglais, Flute, Flute 2, Oboe and Piccolo
– Includes 24-bit/44.1 kHz and 16-bit/44.1 kHz samples.
For the library to work, you need the R2R PLAY sampler download here: https://www.audiosfile.com/east-west-play-6-v-6-1-9-exe-vst-vst3-aax-x64/
1. From the Decibel folder, copy the folders “Previews”, “ProductChunks”, “products” to the folder “C:\ProgramData\East West”.
2. Copy the library to the HDD to any convenient place.
3. Launch our PLAY sampler, go to the Browser tab.
4. Right-click on an empty space in the left column of the Browser tab, and select “Add Another Product Library” from the pop-up window.
5. Specify the location of the library folder.
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