East West – 25th Anniversary Collection (EAST WEST PLAY)

The 25th anniversary (in 2014) is an opportunity to relive and enjoy the achievements of the last quarter of a century. The Anniversary Collection gives musicians access to 30 previously released (and discontinued) products from the EASTWEST repository, all redesigned and reprogrammed to run on PLAY software. This collection is very special. She gave us the opportunity to reflect on the many great products we have made in our quest to create the best music over the past 25 years. As we redesigned the collection, we realized how many materials are still relevant and useful for musicians today. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.
Includes the currently released libraries (except for Stormdrum 1
56 Strat
BT Breakz
BT Twisted Textures
Drum n Bass
Funky Ass Loops
Guitar and Bass
Ill Jointz
Joey Kramer Drums
Percussive Adventures Vol.1
Percussive Adventures Vol.2
Phat and Phunky
Public Enemy
Scoring Tools
Smoov Grooves
Steve Stevens Guitar
Symphonic Adventures

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