djay Pro AI 4.1.4 MAS In-App [TNT] 01/18/2023 [Intel/Apple]

djay is an application for DJs and an artificial intelligence mixer. An all-new, modern djay Pro interface is built on sophisticated integration with your music library, giving you instant access to millions of tracks. Impeccable sound quality and a powerful set of features, including live production tools, four decks, high-definition signals, video mixing and hardware integration, give you endless creative flexibility to create new DJ sets.

Welcome to DJ Pro AI!

The acclaimed DJ software Algoriddim, which has won multiple Apple Design Awards, has been rebuilt from the ground up with groundbreaking artificial intelligence technology, NEURAL MIX™.
NEURAL MIX™ lets you highlight the instrumentals and arrangements of your favorite tracks in real time and redefines the boundaries of creative mixing. You can crossover the drums, basslines and melodies of two songs independently, apply sound effects to individual components of the music, and even loop the beat while the same track’s melody continues to play.
• Isolate vocals, drums, basslines and instrumentals in real time
• Effects customization: apply sound effects to individual music components (vocal echo, harmonic filter, drum reverb and more).
• Loop Routing: Loops the beat while the melody of the same song continues to play, and vice versa
• AI Crossfades: Seamlessly blends and swaps drums, basslines, or vocals across two tracks
• AI Signals: See vocals, drums, and harmonics signals for each track side by side.
• Sequencer: create instant beats on top of music
• Looper: remix music with up to 48 loops per track.
• Rhythm-matched drum and sample sequence
• Extensive content library with over 1000 loops and samples
• TIDAL: Millions of tracks, music videos, high fidelity sound / TIDAL Premium or HiFi)
• SoundCloud: Millions of underground and premium tracks (SoundCloud Go+)
• Beatport: Millions of electronic music tracks (LINK to Beatport)
• Beatsource: Millions of open-source music tracks (LINK to Beatport)

Add. information :


Mount the image and run Open Gatekeeper friendly.
Press Enter to bypass Gatekeeper in the Terminal window.
Drag the application to the Applications folder.
ATTENTION! Requires disabling SIP

*** You need to disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) to run the selected application.
In-App Purchases: Full Version – Included

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