Devious Machines & UrsaDSP – Boost 1.5.5

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Boost technology developed by UrsaDSP increases the volume of the audio material. Use it as a signal booster during mastering or to reveal hidden details when mixing or creating new sounds. Set the output ceiling, set the attack and release times, and use the master gain control to achieve anything from a slight increase in average volume to complete rejection of the signal. UrsaDSP Boost applies transparent signal maximization for professional sound, and thanks to its unique focus control, you can maximize signal upward by applying more gain to quieter sounds – NO CUT, ever. The Drive knob (plus the optional transient Punch setting) is on hand to add energy and warmth to the signal.
Increase average volume without clipping and minimal distortion
UrsaDSP trajectory detection algorithm maximizes gain in every step
Focus control can push quiet parts more than loud ones and reveal hidden details of sound with dynamic gain of up to 52 dB
Set input gain to 28 dB and ceiling on output down to 0dB – Boost algorithms mean there will never be cutoffs
Choose attack and release times to complement your sound
Add harmonic distortion with the Drive control
Activate the Extra Punch setting to add more power to transients
Set the gain to maximum so quiet sounds are not harmed
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