Denise Audio – poltergate 1.0.0 (WIN/OSX)

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Distribution updated : replaced by REPACK for WIN (Fixed installer not installing the included presets on Windows .)

poltergatee: gate, transient shaper and write leakage in one plugin!

With intuitive controls for every part of your workflow, poltergate offers a fast and efficient solution to clean your drum tracks and add more energy.
Offering a combined solution that not only removes leakage and unwanted signal components from your drum tracks, but also offers a transient shaper. poltergate is a unique approach to drum processing with many advanced features.
The sidechain section allows you to salt and tune the internal sidechain signal that triggers the gate. The built-in EQ ensures that the gate only responds to the specified frequency range. This allows you to isolate the kick drum or snare drum by eliminating other signals that may have entered the microphone. The gate then offers the usual Threshold, Attack, Hold, and Release controls to shape the envelope.
The built-in de-bleeder offers another way to get rid of unwanted bleedings. With a choice of three modes, a pair of high and low pass filters and a release control, the custom algorithm removes the cymbal or room leak signal.
In the dynamics section, poltergate offers more ways to get the crisp drum sound you want. Here you can shape transients using the Punch and Fat controls, as well as the Attack and Duration sliders. There is also a clipper.
With so many options, Poltergate is a versatile dynamic toolkit for cleaning up your drum tracks. But it can also be used creatively. When you automate gate parameters in your DAW, it becomes a creative tool that can transform loops and transform them into something new.


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