Dark Intervals – Sonorous (KONTAKT)

Sonorous is a collection of instruments based on pulsating synth bass sounds. Almost all sounds are seamless loops synchronized to the tempo of the daw. Sonorous is for trailer and movie composers.
Any PC or MAC that can run Full Kontakt 6.3.2 or higher

Additional Information
Creating dramatic pulsating bass layers can take time, so this is a tool that speeds up the process.
There are various patches and sequences, ranging from standard pulses triplets, various sequences, inspiring patches.
We have also included bonus category with few risers and clicking sounds, for additional tension. Since this is bass instrument, loops are ranged in two lower octaves.
What’s inside?
• 1.5 GB Unzipped size
• 48000 khz, 24-bit quality
• 40 pulses
• 25 prerecorded sequences
• 20 ultra low patches
• 15 experimental patches
• 2 bonus patches (clicks and risers)
1. Pulses are loops based on steady root note with eventual hidden octave in its motion. They range from classic synth sounds, to distorted and experimental sounding ones. In this category you can find pulses in standard eight notes and also in triplets.
2. Sequences are prerecorded, but highly useful, especially when combined with pulses and adjusted with included HPF and LPF options.
3. Ultra low category features some really deep sounds, and most of them will not be entirely perceived unless you have large speakers that can play below 40hz.
4. Extended range experiments are patches where we extended sample pitch extremely. This category has a larger range than the first three categories.
5. Bonus category features some clicking sounds, clocks and risers, that blend well with other categories. Risers are non-looped!
All loops and sequences and other sounds are royalty free!
Digital Download Size 1.41 GB
• Any PC or MAC that can run Full Kontakt 6.3.2 or higher
• Free Kontakt Player is not supported
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