Dark Intervals – RAWA (KONTAKT)

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Step into a realm of enchantment with RAWA, a mesmerizing collection of loops that conjure the subtle, pulsating atmosphere of shamanic rituals. Inspired by tribal dance grooves, this unique instrument is a gateway to mystical sonic landscapes that will captivate your senses and elevate your music productions.

Unveiling RAWA: Your Gateway to Tribal Soundscapes

RAWA is a meticulously crafted instrument that invites you to explore the essence of tribal rhythms and shamanic rituals. It offers a diverse range of loops, each carefully curated to transport you to a world of mystical inspiration.

Exploring RAWA’s Four Distinct Loop Categories

  1. Plucked Strings (30 Loops): Dive into a world of playful and exciting melodies created with mandolin and electric guitar. These loops infuse your compositions with an air of mystique and adventure.

  2. Synth Experiments (31 Loops): RAWA’s synth experiments introduce you to captivating soundscapes crafted from a blend of analog synths. These loops provide an otherworldly dimension to your music.

  3. Inspiring Motion (16 Loops): Discover a harmonious blend of various instruments in an inspirational motion, all rooted in the key of C major (aminor). Each scale note features a shimmering chord progression, allowing you to craft rich, tonal compositions.

  4. Percussion Loops (33 Loops): Immerse yourself in the rhythmic pulse of tribal percussion with loops created using instruments like the udu, skin drum, tambuata, and floor tom. These percussive elements add depth and intensity to your tracks.

Your Creativity with Multis (32 Patches)

RAWA’s Multis category combines various patches into layered ensembles, allowing you to explore new dimensions of sound. These multis offer endless creative possibilities, making it easy to craft intricate compositions with depth and complexity.

Royalty-Free Loops

Embrace the freedom to create without limitations. RAWA provides you with royalty-free loops and sequences, ensuring that your artistic journey remains unburdened by licensing concerns.

Your Music with RAWA

RAWA beckons you to infuse your compositions with the mystical allure of shamanic rituals. Elevate your music, transcend conventional boundaries, and embark on a sonic adventure that leads to uncharted realms of creativity.


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