Cymatics – Cymatics Trilogy – Launch Edition Wav Midi (WAV)

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3 new collections of tunes included:
1000 licenses available for TRILOGY Launch Edition

TRILOGY: Electronic Melodies
High energy electronic melodies inspired by top artists such as Flume, Brooks and Lil Uzi Vert
This package covers all the basics for high energy melodies inspired by the most popular Electronic style songs.
We’ve drawn inspiration from some of the style’s most memorable artists including Flume, Brooks and Lil Uzi Vert, just to name a few.
So, whether you’re making powerful trap or EDM-inspired dance music, these electronic tunes are extremely versatile.

TRILOGY: Trap Melodies
Post-Ready Trap Tunes Inspired by Future, 21 Savage and Cubeatz
This collection includes ready-to-post tunes that capture the heart of today’s biggest Trap recordings.
We drew inspiration from major artists/producers such as Cubeatz, Young Thug, Future and many more to create catchy melodies paired with heavy 808s and hard drums.
Inside the package, you get access to a variety of ready-made melodies in various styles, keys and beats per minute, tagged with full basics and MIDI.

TRILOGY: RnB Melodies
Soulful and emotional melodies inspired by SZA, Khalid, Drake and HER
This pack focuses on the emotional sounds of contemporary RnB with soulful instrumentation detailed in each sample.
Our team has studied some of the biggest artists in the genre such as SZA, Khalid, Drake and HER just to name a few.
We have included many different styles for modern RnB to give you plenty of inspiration for creating the vibe of your next album.

VALUE $120
3 New Collections of Universal MIDI Songs for Trap, RnB and Electronic
Our top loop makers have spent extra time writing handcrafted MIDI files for all 3 styles inside TRILOGY.
This includes a wide range of MIDI songs that can be formed depending on the sound you choose.
You can use them to learn how we write our loops, use them as is, or customize them to make them completely unique to your style.

VALUE $120
3 new collections of mix-ready drum loops for trap, RnB and electronics
Our team has created tons of music using the tunes from TRILOGY, and these drum loops have been taken from those projects, tested in the field and ready to go.
Each of these collections includes pre-rendered drum loops heavily influenced by every style including Trap, RnB and Electronic.
And, as always, each drum loop is internally processed to break through any mix you use them in, with full layers of foundation for each loop.

VALUE $120
3 new collections of crisp and punchy drum one shots for trap, RnB and Electronic
Each set contains everything from punchy kicks, snares, hi-hats, claps, cymbals, 808- x and more to create powerful music in every style.
Our team used cross-references to melodies and drum loops from their TRILOGY projects to develop sonic percussive single shots that carry a punch.
Each of these individual shots has been pre-processed to cut the mix right out of the box, so you don’t have to worry about any serious editing later.

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