Cinesamples – Tina Guo Acoustic Cello Legato v1.4 (KONTAKT)

Tina Guo’s highly emotional acoustic cello, recorded as a legato solo patch using the Cinesamples recording and programming technique – seamless legato! Recorded at the legendary MGM at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles, the instrument features the CineStrings Solo Legato Cinesamples engine and the Infinite Bow feature.

Required PLAYER or FULL version of NI Kontakt 5.8.1 and higher!

Our previous release was a Legacy Edition for early customers.
Now you can download true latest version of this great library!
You don’t know our names, but you know who we are!
We don’t sign our releases, but you know who provided them!
We’re keeping going deeper underground… to provide you the best stuff!
And still no one can stop us! True legend stays in history!
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Additional Information
We are excited to announce that Tina Guo Acoustic Cello Legato and Tina Guo now have the Infinite Bow feature found in all of our solo string products: Tina Guo vol 2, Taylor Davis, CineStrings SOLO, and Viola da Gamba.
By default, Tina’s natural bow changes occur on sustained notes. Use the sustain pedal or the green Key Switch before a sustained note to extend the bow length as needed. This is understandably an unnatural occurrence, but it provides the necessary bow length required in slower tempi. Simply re-attack the note when you need a bow change on the same note.
First introduced as an addition to our Artist Series – Tina Guo sound design library, the Acoustic Cello Legato patch has been available for individual purchase by popular demand! Featuring a brand new approach to legato programming in 2014 dubbed Seamless Legato, Tina’s expressive solo acoustic cello performance was captured at the MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios and brought to you in the form of an accessible and intuitive legato patch. Tina’s signature sustain sound will easily blend within your string ensemble compositions as a featured instrument, and bring a fresh voice to your section.
Tina Guo has developed an international multi-faceted performance and recording career as a classical acoustic cellist, heavy metal electric cellist, erhuist, and composer. Her distinctive sound and improvisatory style have been featured in major motion picture, television, and game scores. Taking her formal training from USC to new musical heights, she enjoys experimenting with a wide range of effects and digital processors, ever expanding upon her sound.
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